Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Somatic Psychotherapy with Ross Baumann


The best way to get a sense of what it will be like to work together begins by making contact.

Initially, I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation. This serves as a way for you to express what is going on and what is bringing you to therapy. This may be as general as “I just want to grow/change” or “I want to learn to love myself more deeply.” Or it may be more specific such as “I would like support around a challenging event in my life, a relationship, or an addiction.” This will also be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions, either regarding the therapeutic process itself, or my background and areas of expertise. It is also a time for me to share how I can help.

Additionally, we will discuss fees, scheduling, and other procedural components of our work together. It is only natural to have questions, so please don't hesitate to ask me anything.


What are your rights to confidentiality?

  • Your right to confidentiality is very important to me and is a cornerstone of psychotherapy. The confidentiality between therapist and patient/client is protected by law. There are only a few exceptions to this, such as, but not limited to, in the case that a child, elder, or your life is at serious/life threatening risk. These limitations are detailed in my practice policies that you will receive prior to or at the the beginning of our first session.

How long are sessions?

  • Sessions are generally 50 min. Longer sessions can be valuable in certain circumstances, particularly with couples. If longer sessions would be better for you, we can discuss this together and establish the intention for doing so.

What is my cancellation policy?

  • I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Your appointment involves the reservation of a time specifically for you. Please provide at least 24 hour notice by phone or email (depending on your communication preferences) to cancel or reschedule a session, otherwise, the full fee will be charged and due at the time of your next appointment, unless otherwise discussed.

Do I accept Insurance?

  • Depending on your policy I may be an out-of-network provider, I do not work directly with any insurance companies at this time; itemized statements may be generated for you to submit independently to your insurance company for reimbursement. Ask your provider about out-of-network coverage when working with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Do I offer Video/Phone therapy?

  • Yes. Generally I meet with patients in person, however when necessary and appropriate, video or phone sessions can be a great alternative. I offer Telehealth (video/phone therapy) to clients residing within Colorado and California.

What are the different levels of Psychotherapy Regulation in Colorado?

  • This is a common confusion, and more detailed information should be provided to you by a therapist in their initial paperwork. Levels of Psychotherapy Regulation in Colorado include Licensing (requires minimum education, experience, and examination qualifications), Certification (requires minimum training, experience, and for certain levels, examination qualifications), and Registered Psychotherapist (does not require minimum education, experience, or examination qualifications.) Registered Psychotherapist is a psychotherapist listed in Colorado’s database and is authorized by law to practice psychotherapy in Colorado but is not licensed by the state and is not required to satisfy any standardized educational or testing requirements to obtain a registration from the state. All levels of regulation, including Registered Psychotherapist, require passing a jurisprudence take-home examination.